The sweet smell of Grape Kool Aid.

I almost did it! Man, I'm glad I got over it. The cost helped. :o)

I was very close to stepping into a program for more certifications; Microsoft Certifications. Wow. I couldn't believe it.

I really think that Vista is going to allow M$ to take over the rest of the planet. The draconian features that I am reading about will only be realized too late by most users; corporate and private. The only chance we have left is that the Media Center PC is a bust and high quality playback remains the province of the television and the 'stereo.'

I got in a funk and almost turned to an 'if-you-can't-beat-em; join-em' path. What really helped was that the specific program was $24,000 and even through Sallie Mae I needed a co-signer. Sometimes a good slap in the face will wake you up.

I plan to continue pursuing certification, but on my own and open source.

Whew!!! The evil empire is insidious in ways I never imagined.